How It Works

These videos will walk you through using Reminders etc and how to get maximum benefit by using all of the features.

We start with the “Fast Start Guide” a 4 minute video that explains the benefits of using TAGS with your reminders and how they help with lists and categorising your reminders. You really should watch at least this video before you create your first reminder.

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Reminders etc - Fast Start GuideFast Start Guide

Reminders etc - Adjusting Your SettingsAdjusting The Settings

Reminders etc - How To Create Your First reminderCreating Your First Reminder

Reminders etc - Why You Should Use TagsWhy You Should Always Use Tags

Reminders etc - Adding ContactsAdding Contacts

Reminders etc - Using The CalendarUsing The Reminders etc Calendar

Reminders etc - Using Alerts - Emails & TextsUsing Alerts, Email & Text

Reminders etc - Using Quick RemindersUsing Quick Reminders

Reminders etc - Archiving And Deleting RemindersArchiving & Deleting Reminders

Reminders etc _ How To Buy More Text CreditsHow To Buy More Text Credits