Date:February 01, 2012

Why you need Reminders etc


Reminders etc - The Forgotten MOT


Did you know that in the UK if you drive a car without a valid MOT certificate you can be fined up to £1,000 and get points on your licence. Don’t run the risk, create a reminder at Reminders etc and we’ll let you know when your current MOT expires in good time to get your vehicle through the test.

We won’t even ask for a cut of the £1,000 you’d have to pay otherwise! 😛




reminders etc - the forgotten annivarasry


Ever had that sinking feeling? You know, you wake up in the morning expecting a normal day but for some reason your partner hands you a card – and then it dawns on you. Panic, how do I get out of this one?

Don’t get caught out – not only will we remind you of your anniversary the day before, you can set up alerts so you get you card and any gift BEFORE the day rather than a grovelling “sorry” afterwards.



reminders etc - the expired passport



Your holiday is ruined or your business prospects dashed. You’ve turned up at the airport only to be refused your boarding pass. Your passport has expired and you didn’t even realise.

Set up a reminder with us well in advance and you’ll be reminded to apply for your new passport well before your current one expires and you get left at the airport as your family enjoy themselves in the sun!



forgotten insurance - reminders etc


It’s bad enough when an accident happens, like a burst pipe, a fire or some other accidental damage. But when you find out you have no insurance because you forgot to renew it! Even worse, when your partner finds out YOU forgot to renew it…

Just add a reminder about a month before your insurance is due for renewal and we’ll send you an email (and/or text) alert in good time for you to shop around to find a competitive deal AND make sure you are always covered against life’s upsets.



reminders etc - remember own name