Q & A

Have a question? Here are the answers to the most common questions we've been asked - so far!

  • Why is Reminders etc different to other calendar - reminder programs?

    By necessity there are a number of similar features with all reminder programs but Reminders etc has been designed with a slightly different objective in mind.

    We wanted to make it really easy to record anything from a simple reminder to do something at a certain time, through to much more complex series of reminders relating to a specific "thing". For example, using our Quick Reminders you are prompted to add reminders for your car road fund tax, insurance, mot, lease expiry, warranty or for a holiday, to add reminders to cancel the milk, order foreign currency, arrange a car hire, check passport expiry date, arrange airport parking or arrange a taxi. We provide the prompts rather than leaving you to think of everything.

    It was important to us also to make it very easy to find any reminder quickly and to be able to group reminders that are related. Using TAGS and CONTACTS this is simple to achieve. For example searching the tag "birthday" will find all of your contacts where you have added their birthday and the reminders you have set up for birthdays. You can then easily check who you need to buy a card / present for and set up a reminder and additional alerts to make sure you do this on time.

    And, of course we're totally biased, but we much prefer the Reminders etc user interface to other programs available.

  • How many reminders can I create?

    Unlimited. You can create as many reminders as you like. There is no charge for email reminders.
  • How can I set up a series of reminders?

    From any reminder, tap Repeat and then edit the due date and any alert dates.
  • What is an expired reminder?

    A reminder where the due date has passed.
  • Can I re-instate an expired reminder?

    Tap the "expired" reminder, tap edit and change the due date to one in the future.
  • Why would I want to keep an expired reminder?

    To keep a record of past events, for example. When you last visited the dentist perhaps.
  • If I add someone as a SMS Text recipient will they receive all of the alerts for a reminder?

    Yes. PLEASE BE AWARE that anyone set up as a SMS text recipient will receive every alert you set up for that particular reminder. You can always remove them as a text recipient at any time via the Edit option.
  • Why would I want to add a Tag to a Contact?

    You can add any tag (or create a new one) to any contact. This will help in finding certain groups of contacts, eg friends, family, professional contacts or to identify a contact as say a doctor, plumber, electrician etc to assist in a search.
  • Will I be able to receive the SMS text alerts?

    Of course you'll need a mobile phone but assuming that to be the case the answer is probably YES. If you are in the UK then virtually everybody can use that service, in the USA - most and elsewhere it depends on the mobile / cell phone service provider. To check your personal situation download our guide here to find your service and whether it is compatible. There are no supported providers in Canada.
  • Can I import contacts into Reminders etc?

    You cannot import contacts into Reminders etc at present.This is something we will be working on in the near future and will update you when this facility is ready.
  • Can my family share one Reminders etc account?

    Yes, you can all share the same account using the same username and password.