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A reminder program means different things to different people. Reminders etc - reminder program dashboard

So let’s first get very clear about Reminders etc and exactly what it is.

At a very basic level it is a simple app that enables an email and if chosen, a sms text reminder, to be sent to you about any event or date you set. Nothing particularly unusual or indeed complex about that. There are, of course, many existing reminder programs that can do that for you; Outlook, Google Calendars, iCal – the list goes on. But…

…there are limitations with most of those programs. You have to be at your computer and have Outlook open for that to remind you of anything. Google Calendars works well but the interface isn’t to everyones liking and nothing we’ve found comes close to the ease of use of Reminders etc, particularly when full use is made of all of the features – especially TAGS.

If you add a contact to the program – name, email address and date of birth, then a reminder for their birthday is automatically created for you. Add a TAG, say family or friend, and the reminder is automatically grouped for you. You are then able to create a list of all birthdays grouped by friends, family or all. These can be viewed by due date – next 14 days, next month or all. At a glance or by using the brilliant Search tool, you can easily find out who you need to buy cards for well in advance of the due date.  Add an alert or two and you will receive an email (and text if selected – a small charge is made for texts) sometime before the due date at exactly the time you choose. Sorry, but there is no excuse for ever forgetting my birthday again 😉

There’s also a great feature called Quick Reminders. Own a car? You’ll have a variety of “things” relating to that car that have some sort of expiry or due date:

  • Road Tax
  • Car Insurance
  • MOT
  • Warranty Expiry
  • Driving Licence Expiry
  • Breakdown Cover

The Quick Reminders feature in Reminders etc makes it a breeze to set up reminders for any or all of these with the tap of a few buttons. Add the name of your car as a TAG and all of the due dates can be easily grouped together so you can see at a glance when everything is due. Ever driven your car around with an expired MOT? Nobody else is going to remind you it’s due and the fine could be £1,000 if you get caught without a valid certificate. Simply add the due date in Reminders etc and receive an alert reminding you in good time to get your car through the test.

You can view all of your reminders you’ve set up on the Dashboard and each one shows whether you’ve added a personal note to it and how many alerts and contacts you’ve set up.

If you need to keep somebody else informed then simply set them up as an email or text recipient and they’ll be reminded as well as yourself. Let’s say you’re having a party. Add the date of the party as a reminder, and maybe an alert the week before; add your contacts as recipients and everyone you’ve added will be reminded by emailed and/or text.

Is Reminders etc the best free reminder program – that’s not for us to judge but we’d love it if you gave it a try and let us know what you think.

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