Reminders etc – What’s the fuss all about?



… just in case you need reminding or haven’t heard yet, Reminders etc is the new online reminder service that will one day almost certainly save you:

  • a lot of money
  • a lot of embarrassment
  • a lot of heartache
  • a lot of grovelling

We can’t promise all of those but if you are anything like the average person you will at some time in your life forget to do something that’s very important. Everybody we know has at some time.

Although there are many existing programs where you can set up reminders or alerts, ALL of them have some limitations. We like many of them and use them personally and in our businesses but we still found ourselves forgetting to put the reminder in the system in the first instance!

That’s why we created Reminders etc with the user in mind. A user who has a busy life and isn’t always in the same place to check on the reminder program.

We’ve included a very simple to use Quick Reminders facility. We created template reminders for many everyday tasks that it is all to easy to forget. Things like car MOT, driving licence and passport expiry dates, cancelling the milk or ordering your currency when you go on holiday – the list goes on.  Set them up in the system, add a few dates to be alerted and we’ll send you an email (or text if you wish) reminder so you’ll never forget something important again. Of course, you can simply log in and check upcoming events, like birthdays for example by looking atyour Dashboard.

And maybe more importantly the service is totally FREE. There’s no time limitaions or trial periods the full service is available to you on day one. Only if you want text reminders is there anything to pay. Many people are happy just to receive email reminders – after all many mobile phones receive emails anyway.

Give it a try. Once you’ve been using it for a while and the pressure of remembering things has been taken away you’ll wonder what that piece of string tied round your finger is for!

Sign up today get your free Reminders etc account here.



"Life shouldn't be as complicated as it appears"  I'm dedicated to making technology do what it is supposed to - make life easier, not create bigger challenges.  Mark

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